Green Technology
With advances in sustainable design being more important today than ever before, Rundle-Spence is committed to doing our part in providing products that are the greenest in the market.
At Rundle-Spence we carry many products that will be the least harmful to our environment. We carry the greenest products including: low flow faucets which will save 20-30% more water than the industry standard faucet, to water heaters that burn less gas which means less green house gases! Rundle-Spence has the products you need to make your jobs as environmentally friendly as possible. Our heating experts are knowledgeable on solar energy, Geo-Thermal and the correct design and application for both residential and commercial jobs. We even have solutions to collect and store rain water to flush your toilets!
But we don't stop there - we practice what we preach! Rundle-Spence has installed green technology in our own facilities - from energy saving lamps in more that 140,000 SF of warehouse space to energy efficient boilers and low flow faucets and flush valves in both offices locations.
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