City of Brookfield Well #16

City of Brookfield Well #16

Rundle-Spence Well and Septic Department provided the

complete pump installation package.  Sizing the unit based

on the requirements provided by Municipal Well & Pump.

 Southwire 2-3 Flat Jacketed Cable being offloaded at the Municipal Well & Pump

jobsite by Rundle-Spence's delivery boom-truck.

 4" galvanized threaded an coupled drop pipe being offloaded at the jobsite.



 Product being laid out for installation.


 Southwire cable and dispenser being readied for installation.


 Assembly of the Hitachi 50HP 480 Volt 3-Phase 6" motor and A Y McDonald

50HP SS 6" Pump End.




 Installation of the Southwire 2-3 Flat Jacketed Cable.